Dee's Baking Party 2015

Well it is that time of year again, Dee and Andrew are planing another baking party, but this time it is at Dee's dad's house in Wayne, NJ. This year it will span 2 days and hundreds of cookies and baked goods will be created for you to take home and enjoy.



Back in 1993 the baking party started when Dee decided to invite a few close friends to her parents' house to bake Christmas cookies. Only about 5 people showed up for that first event. It wasn't the biggest turnout but little did anyone know how much that would change.

As time went on Dee joined forces with her brother Robert (aka Bert). Each year the event grew bigger and bigger. Eventually attendance would peak at just over 80 people baking over a two day period, with Dee's friends coming one day and then Bert's the next. The famous baking party went on for about 9 years in a row.

This was a gift from Dee and Bert to their friends and family for the holidays. They bought and supplied all the ingredients. Their friends and family were only required to bring two things, a cookie tin and an enthusiasm for baking and decorating cookies.

During those past events, the upstairs floor was reserved for mixing, rolling, cutting and baking the cookies. Down in the basement was where all of the decorating/painting of the sugar cookies was done. And during those parties Bob (Dee and Bert's dad) would vacate the premises for the two days. He had a hard time stomaching the mess and all the commotion. On the other hand, Shirl (Dee and Bert's mom) reveled in it. She took the lead role in getting the sugar cookies rolled out and cut (a tough job to do). And it's important not to forget her involvement in making the liquor balls... one of her favorite things to make year after year. My dad has since taken on the liquor ball tradition.
Many have said his rum balls are awesome!

Most often you could find Bert red faced in the kitchen manning the oven or doing the dishes. And Dee would be running around non-stop doing whatever necessary to keep the production of cookies going.

A good time will be had by all, big and small.

In loving memory of Shirley Finamore